Ultask Breeds Artisan


Originally, artisans repair and make products that are needed in our everyday lives. As a matter of fact, most quality artisanal products and services are difficult to acquire in terms of materials, cost and time. Today, consumers have a newfound quality service and time-saver delivery right at their doorstep thanks to Ultask.

Ghana’s artisan  shortage is approaching epidemic proportions, and it could be customers who end up paying as there is the difficulty in finding qualified artisans to fulfil millions of tasks in their homes, offices and corporate institutions.

Quality services are in perilously low supply and a few skilled artisans continue to struggle to fill vacancies of their respective fields, and customers across the grid are coping with a skills mismatch, unprofessionalism, disloyalty delays which spark enormous tantrums and angst between customers and artisans. Meanwhile, the few good artisans who can execute their task to the satisfaction of the customers are obscured from the general public because ‘the empty barrels make the most noise’.

In view of this menace,  Ultask seeks to breach the gap between customers’ service requirements and artisans service delivery. This is achieved by background verification of artisans, grooming and equipping them with the requisite skills and right tools for their various tasks and most importantly mediation and regulations of projects. 

Management of Ultask in their capacity as a credible organisation have correlated a comprehensive database of verified, trained, professional and groomed  artisans and are always ready to be deployed to provide damage, repairs and construction solutions to the general public through the Ultask app. Stay home, stay safe, make a request via the app, get the job done and have a golden smile.